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Trail Cameras for Whitetails
Nice buck getting caught on camera

Nice buck getting caught on camera

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Trail cameras have been one of the most game changing innovations in the deer hunting world over the last ten or so years. Not only can they provide exciting pictures of wildlife on your land, but they can be a valuable tool for scouting and patterning wily old bucks. Today trail cameras can range in price anywhere from $79 to $600. You can choose from traditional or digital film, flash or no flash, or even with heat detection. The options seem endless as there are dozens of cameras and brands on the market today. Not only can it be difficult to choose the right camera, but it is just as much of a challenge to properly set up and choose the right location to place it. Here is a link to a great video produced by Cabelas providing some helpful tips on setting up your new trail camera. Also check out these other helpful resources for selecting the right camera and setting it up correctly.

Trail Camera Resources:


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I have to give trail cameras credit…the brought technology to the non-technological hunting world. I am a hunter that used to go to his stand with nothing but a gun, ammo, and warm clothes. Now after 15 years of technology I carry a bag full of items that will help make my hunt more enjoyable, safer, and hopefully help me be more successful. Sure I love to enjoy nature and all God has given us but I also like my gadgets as well. Speaking of gadgets I found a new one that looks very useful…the BuckMister. The BuckMister is the first and only scent dispersal system that I have ever seen that it fully programmable. The company claims that you can preprogram up to 99 exact time and dates you want the BuckMister to disperse scent. You may want to check it out at http://www.thebuckmister.com . By the way they are giving away a free 5 day whitetail hunt.

Comment by Hunter O.

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