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Tech Spotlight: Geotag Your Photos Instantly With the Eye-Fi Explore
The Eye-Fi Explore memory card

The Eye-Fi Explore memory card

Looking back at those pictures of that huge rub on your buddy’s land from three years back but can’t remember exactly where it was? That shouldn’t be a problem for much longer, the new Eye-Fi Explore memory card will instantly stamp your digital camera pics with the GPS location every time you snap a shot. This makes a ton of sense for deer hunters as we scout for sign and stand locations. It seems snapping a quick photo is a lot more useful and faster than messing around with a handheld GPS.

This technology actually isn’t GPS either, it is running off of something called Skyhook. Skyhook gets it’s position by using WiFi signals to pinpoint locations. As neat as this is, it also lends itself to one major problem for outdoorsman as of now. At this point many rural areas are not covered by this Skyhook technology, so the GPS stamping would not work everywhere, but it’s safe to say that these areas will eventually be able to use this service in the future. In addition to the geotagging ability, the Eye-Fi Explore also will automatically upload your pictures from your camera onto your computer or your favorite online photo album, like Flickr.

The Eye-Fi Explore looks to be a bit of technology that we should keep our eye on in the future. Being able to tag pictures instantly with GPS location is a real slick feature and automaticaly uploading these pics online is just the icing on the cake. Although this product might not work in all areas yet, it is definitely something worth checking out in the future, as it’s utility for hunters is pretty exciting.

For more information you can check out this article in the International Herald Tribune, or head over to the Eye-Fi website.


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Hey, hey…good review Mark!

I have the eye-fi and use it with my Panasonic DMC-TZ3 digital camara. I love it! My only gripe is that since it is designed to work on any camara that supports a SecureDigital storage card format, there is no software that actually runs on the camara – everything happens behind the scenes on the card itself. The problem is, that you don’t get any feedback as to whether your pictures have fully uploaded to your PC. This isn’t too much of a problem since if you do turn off your camara before the upload is done the upload will automatically start where it left off the next time you turn the camara on.

Pretty cool!

Comment by Dave

Nice post. I just glanced through it. Maybe I can really read it later


Comment by TYMINSKA Karolina

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