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Why Use a Drop Away Rest?

I’m excited to report that next week I will be returning back to Michigan from my summer internship in New York City. To celebrate, I plan on making a few upgrades to my bow before the season. My first point of business is to invest in a new arrow rest and I am considering either a Whisker Biscuit or a fall away rest. Over the next few days I plan on taking an in-depth look at the pro’s and con’s of each. Here’s a short and sweet video highlighting one of the reasons why the drop away rest must be considered…

What are your thoughts on using a drop away rest? I would love to hear about any of your experiences or opinions about these rests before I go out and buy one of my own.


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I’ve never used a drop away rest — but I’ll be sad to see you leave. 🙂

Comment by Jackie

I switched to a drop away rest last year because I was constantly worrying about fletching contact after the release. The drop away gave me better grouping with field points and broadheads, better arrow flight, and a lot more confidence in my shot. I like shooting as accurate as possible, who doesn’t? Oh, and if you’re using carbon arrows especially- i would suggest trying it out. Good luck!

Comment by Jay

Thanks for the feedback Jay. I definitely like the improvements to accuracy that a drop away rest can provide…And Jackie, I’ll miss you too!

Comment by wiredtohunt

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