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Michigan CWD Bait Ban May Not Hurt Deer Harvest

According to a study of the bait bans implemented in Wisconsin after finding CWD, it looks like deer harvests are not hurt as much as would be expected. The study found that although archery harvest numbers were down, rifle kills actually increased after the ban in Wisconsin.

This can be viewed by Michigan hunters as a little bit of good news, although unfortunately this news is no help to those farmers who can’t sell their produce anymore. Lets hope this CWD is all cleared up by next year, so that hunters and farmers can finally return to normal.

To read more about the baiting ban’s affect on hunting, check out this article in the Detroit Free Press.

I guess we will see over the course of the year here in Michigan if we will see similar results. I’d be interested to hear if anyone has already noticed a marked difference in deer sightings due to the inability to bait.


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I have seen more deer this year because the ban on baiting. The deer have had to return to a normal feeding pattern, which in turn has made them forage for food during daylight as well.

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