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ThermaCELL – A Mosquito’s Worst fear, A Hunter’s Best Friend
The ThermaCELL

The ThermaCELL

Last weekend in Western Michigan we experienced an unseasonably warm spell, which was a nice treat for everyone except for hunters. Temperatures in the 70’s and a near full moon kept the deer bedded down during the day, but brought the mosquitos out in full force. I have never experienced a more miserable time hunting, as the mosquitos absolutely swarmed me for hours on end. I was completely covered except for the area right around my eyes, but the skeeters still found a way to drive me nuts. So after enduring this for three trips into the woods, I realized I needed to deal with this mosquito problem. I headed to Gander Mountain and discovered the ThermaCELL.

The ThermaCELL is a small butane powered device which burns small wafers, emitting a scentless mosquito repelling smoke. All I had to do was insert a small butane can, and slip a wafer into the unit. When I arrived to my stand, I turned it on, clicked the starter button and watched as the ThermaCELL started to emit it’s smoke. Within 10 minutes the swarm of mosquitos had disappeared and I was finally able to hunt like a regular person, rather than a raving lunatic constantly fending off the newest blood sucking bug. Needless to say ThermaCELL was a lifesaver and I definitely will have it with me the next time I hunt in hot weather.

For more info about the ThermaCELL you can check out it’s website here.

As for my hunting succcess, despite the warm weather I still saw a decent number of deer early in the mornings. I saw a number of doe and 4 bucks came within shooting range. Unforunately all of these deer were a bit small, and I let the three spikes and forkhorn pass. Nonetheless it was still exciting to see some bucks up close, and I’m definitely pumped to get back out again as the pre-rut is heating up.


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The ThermoCell is very cool. Just a note that there are a couple of other form factors including one that acts as a table top unit and will keep an area 15 to 20 free of skeets.

Good review Mark!

Comment by Dave

The Thermacell makes quite a difference. I hunt in Tennessee where the hunting is in warm weather for the first half of the season. It is late October and we have yet to have our first frost and our leaves are as green as the summer. The mosquitoes here are of the stripped leg clan and they actually hurt while they are attacking you in swarms of hundreds. The only thing that helps is the ThermaCell. I wrote an article about the ThermaCell too on my blog:


God Bless,


Comment by Sean

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