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Why Do I Hunt?
February 26, 2009, 6:35 pm
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A great image from Gerber's homepage

A great image from Gerber's homepage



I get asked very frequently why it is that I like to hunt. In the past I’ve had a very long winded answer which covered everything from my love for the outdoors, to the sound of a deer’s steps on frost covered leaves to the taste of freshly cooked venison. But recently I’ve found a way to describe that almost religious experience I feel every time I step into the woods with a gun or bow in hand. 

When I head into the outdoors to go hiking or canoeing I get to be in the outdoors and see nature, but when I go hunting I actually become a part of nature. I, for a small time, enter into the circle of life and work to establish my position in the food chain. I am no longer an intruder into the world of wild creatures, I instead become something much more primal and real. It is in these moments that I feel the most alive and it’s why I will forever cherish the hunt. Why do you?


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I would answer that by partially my beliefs and partially the quite. I love being outdoors in a wonderfully created enviroment. Where it’s a true buffet what ever that’s tasty that walks by could be my dinner. The other part is that I enjoy being away from the city I love hearing the quite of the woods, sitting there as nature forgets I am there and they carry on with their everyday lives. I love the simple ease of the forrest. I hunt because it’s how we were designed to eat and it brings more joy that the grocery store ever will

Comment by bowhunter81

I definitely agree with your thoughts as well

Comment by wiredtohunt

I agree with your thoughts as well thanks for sharing

Comment by Alpine bow

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