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Pineapple Jerky…and Sasquatch?
April 1, 2009, 8:18 am
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I recently was checking out some new snacks I might want to bring along with me on a hunt and came across some pretty interesting things over at Jerky.com. I’m excited to get out and do some Turkey hunting pretty soon, so the search for the best in the field meal has begun for me. Usually my go to food is jerky, you gotta love a good hunk of meat out in the blind. But I came upon a new kind of jerky that I was pretty surprised by. There is actually Pineapple Jerky now! As strange as that sounds, after trying it I must admit that it is really good. It reminded me of the fruit roll ups I use to indulge in as a kid. So for a sweet treat in the woods, this would be a great idea. It looks to be essentially dehydrated pineapple with a honey glaze. Great stuff! Here’s a link to the site I found it on.

But even more interestingly I came upon probably the most unique jerky there is! It looks like some hunter has finally bagged the big one and dropped Sasquatch! Check out Sasquatch Jerky here! If anyone trys it let me know!


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Check out the story that we worked with the guys over at jerky.com to write about how the sasquatch jerky came to be.


An epic tale. Hope you enjoy!

Casey Knopik

Comment by Casey Knopik

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