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Wired To Hunt Has Moved to WiredToHunt.com
October 4, 2009, 1:28 am
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Wired To Hunt has moved to WiredToHunt.com

Wired To Hunt has moved to WiredToHunt.com

ATTENTION: Wired To Hunt Has Moved!

I’m very excited to announce that we are moving Wired To Hunt to a new URL. We can now be reached at www.wiredtohunt.com.With are new URL and hosting service we’ll have a simpler web address, more flexibility in the features  we can offer and hopefully we’ll be able to share with you the readers better content in a more appealing way. Our mission to provide great deer hunting information for the next generation will stay the same but we will continue to evolve and innovate as fast as the technological world around us. So head on over to Wired To Hunt‘s new home page and let us know what you think!

Check out the NEW Wired To Hunt now!


Pineapple Jerky…and Sasquatch?
April 1, 2009, 8:18 am
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I recently was checking out some new snacks I might want to bring along with me on a hunt and came across some pretty interesting things over at Jerky.com. I’m excited to get out and do some Turkey hunting pretty soon, so the search for the best in the field meal has begun for me. Usually my go to food is jerky, you gotta love a good hunk of meat out in the blind. But I came upon a new kind of jerky that I was pretty surprised by. There is actually Pineapple Jerky now! As strange as that sounds, after trying it I must admit that it is really good. It reminded me of the fruit roll ups I use to indulge in as a kid. So for a sweet treat in the woods, this would be a great idea. It looks to be essentially dehydrated pineapple with a honey glaze. Great stuff! Here’s a link to the site I found it on.

But even more interestingly I came upon probably the most unique jerky there is! It looks like some hunter has finally bagged the big one and dropped Sasquatch! Check out Sasquatch Jerky here! If anyone trys it let me know!

Could You Survive In The Wild?


This past semester I’ve been taking a Wilderness Survival course at Michigan State University and it might be the best class I have taken yet. We’ve covered a lot of of interesting ideas in regards to the psychology of surviving and I’ve thought almost daily that this is such a relevant topic for hunters. Every year  hunters get lost in the wild and have to deal with these survival ordeals in one way or another. So are we, the big bad hunters, really as prepared as we may think?

Over the next couple weeks I plan on highlighting some interesting stories and tips that might help you survive if your grand hunting expedition takes a turn for the worse. As a hunter, it’s easy to believe that we can handle the wild and anything that mother nature might throw at us, but it’s usually not as easy as it sounds. The story of Ken Killip, a hunter and fireman from Denver, really illustrates this point. Ken and a buddy decided to take a weekend and hike across the continental divide in Rocky Mountain National Park. The two coworkers headed out on to the trail at dawn and headed towards a mountain lake to try for some fish. As their hike progressed Ken began to fall further and further behind his partner and he eventually lost sight of him. At the top of a rocky hill top Ken was suddenly caught up in a nasty lightning storm and became separated by several hours from his buddy.  After the storm,  Ken took off in the direction he thought the lake was but unfortunatly he was very wrong. Over the next several days Ken continued to plunge deeper and deeper into the wilderness making many more mistakes along the way. Despite his wilderness training and hunting experience Ken took wrong turns at many junctures, panicked, misused resources and did a lot of things that would make Man vs Wild’s Bear Grylls shake his head in disappointment. But how does this happen?

Check out this detailed account of how Ken’s trip out to the Rockies went terribly wrong on National Geographics website and think about what really happened on this fishing trip gone wrong. 

Laurence Gonzales describes a moment in Ken’s journey in this way –

It was a crucial moment. Killip was now teetering on the invisible dividing line between two worlds: He was in a state of only minor geographical confusion, for he could still turn back. But by the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other, he could very quickly cross over into the state of being genuinely lost. …

What do you think Ken did wrong? Maybe the more difficult question to answer is whether or not you would have made the same choices he did. What would you have done?

Next time I’ll discuss a few of the mistakes Ken made and how we hunters can learn from them, ensuring that the next time you hit the woods, you’ll come back out in one piece.

Lansing Deer & Turkey Spectacular!

lansing-deer-turkey-specYesterday was a nice treat as I got to visit the annual Deer & Turkey Spectacular in Lansing, Michigan. Just as I begin to wonder if the snow will ever melt, I check this out and can’t wait to get out in the cold again and chase some swamp bucks! The “Spectacular” had much of what you would expect from this type of show. There was the obligatory wall of trophy buck mounts, rows of outfitters and guides parading their services and lots of neat new hunting tech booths as well. There seemed to be a good variety of seminars offered over the course of the weekend but I unfortunately I wasn’t able to make any of them. 

As I strolled the aisles I came upon a booth for one of my favorite hunting shows online. The Slunger Hollow Productions booth really got me excited, as I am a huge fan of “Buckeye Cam Presents Fair Chase Encounters”. Two years ago I watched an episode of this show every morning before going to class in the fall and I really believe it helped me bag my buck that year. What I like about this series is that they really highlight important steps and tips throughout the episode, rather than just showing quick kills of huge deer. It just seems very real and very insightful. I also really liked the fact that they use primarily archery equipment in the Midwest, which is very similar to what I do. If you want to check out Fair Chase Encounters you can check out their website or search for them on MyOutdoorTV.com.

Backyard Buck
February 2, 2009, 11:25 pm
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Young buck in my backyard

Young buck in my backyard

As the deer hunting season closed this past December, our home was visited by this young buck for about four straight days. I’m excited to see him next year with a little more size to him!



ThermaCELL – A Mosquito’s Worst fear, A Hunter’s Best Friend
The ThermaCELL

The ThermaCELL

Last weekend in Western Michigan we experienced an unseasonably warm spell, which was a nice treat for everyone except for hunters. Temperatures in the 70’s and a near full moon kept the deer bedded down during the day, but brought the mosquitos out in full force. I have never experienced a more miserable time hunting, as the mosquitos absolutely swarmed me for hours on end. I was completely covered except for the area right around my eyes, but the skeeters still found a way to drive me nuts. So after enduring this for three trips into the woods, I realized I needed to deal with this mosquito problem. I headed to Gander Mountain and discovered the ThermaCELL.

The ThermaCELL is a small butane powered device which burns small wafers, emitting a scentless mosquito repelling smoke. All I had to do was insert a small butane can, and slip a wafer into the unit. When I arrived to my stand, I turned it on, clicked the starter button and watched as the ThermaCELL started to emit it’s smoke. Within 10 minutes the swarm of mosquitos had disappeared and I was finally able to hunt like a regular person, rather than a raving lunatic constantly fending off the newest blood sucking bug. Needless to say ThermaCELL was a lifesaver and I definitely will have it with me the next time I hunt in hot weather.

For more info about the ThermaCELL you can check out it’s website here.

As for my hunting succcess, despite the warm weather I still saw a decent number of deer early in the mornings. I saw a number of doe and 4 bucks came within shooting range. Unforunately all of these deer were a bit small, and I let the three spikes and forkhorn pass. Nonetheless it was still exciting to see some bucks up close, and I’m definitely pumped to get back out again as the pre-rut is heating up.

Escanaba in da Moonlight

I unfortunately won’t be able to go out deer hunting this weekend, but I will be way up north in Michigan’s Upper Pennisula. I’m heading up to Drummond Island to do some partridge hunting and perch fishing. Should be a great time. When it comes to “Da UP” I can’t help but think about the old movie, “Escanaba in Da Moonlight”. It’s a pretty funny movie, and how can you go wrong with a movie set at deer camp! Here’s a great clip from this Yooper classic, it gets pretty funny at about 2:25 minutes in. Enjoy and good huntin.