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Michigan Whitetail Hunt

The cool crisp air tonight has fully alerted my internal clock that bowhunting season isn’t far off! Here’s a good short clip of a hunter harvesting a nice Michigan whitetail, something I hope to be doing in less than a month!

Notice how well he placed the shot in the lower vitals as the deer quartered away. Remember to practice shooting at different angles to make sure you can place the arrow correctly when the deer inevitably shifts positions. And don’t take a quartering towards you shot, it’s much too likely that you’ll hit the shoulder and potentially wound the deer. Be patient and responsible, wait for that good broadside or quartering away shot and send the arrow straight to the vitals.


BowCast.com: Bringing Bowhunting to an iPod Near You

New York City is quite possibly the greatest city in the world, but it definitely isn’t the place to be when you’re trying to prepare for deer season. The last three months I’ve had to improvise when it came to curing my hunger for the hunt. During my time here, one of the greatest discoveries I’ve made is finding out about BowCast.com. BowCast is a podcast that focuses on bowhunting tips and strategies, brought to you by hosts Anthony and Aneal. I’ve really enjoyed their podcasts, and found them truly informational. I found one of their first episodes to be particularly relevant to my current search for the right accessories to upgrade my bow with. Give this episode of BowCast a listen, as Anthony and Aneal talk about how to upgrade your bow and where to start when looking to buy a new unit.

Bowcast: Doping In/Buying A New Bow

You can listen to the rest of the episodes at their website www.BowCast.com. I will definitely be following their podcasts in the future as I gear up for the October archery season.

Why Use a Drop Away Rest?

I’m excited to report that next week I will be returning back to Michigan from my summer internship in New York City. To celebrate, I plan on making a few upgrades to my bow before the season. My first point of business is to invest in a new arrow rest and I am considering either a Whisker Biscuit or a fall away rest. Over the next few days I plan on taking an in-depth look at the pro’s and con’s of each. Here’s a short and sweet video highlighting one of the reasons why the drop away rest must be considered…

What are your thoughts on using a drop away rest? I would love to hear about any of your experiences or opinions about these rests before I go out and buy one of my own.

The Economic Hunter
Feasting on corn

Feasting on corn

I just ran across an article in the Dallas Morning News discussing a number of ways hunters, fisherman and outdoors enthusiasts can save some money and gas this year while dealing with these tough economic times…

Fuel costs are a major issue, but so is the cost of everything else, partly due to increased shipping expenses. Ammunition has risen steeply since last hunting season. Even the cost of shelled corn has skyrocketed as hunters compete with ethanol production. I’ve heard corn prices as high as $10 for a 50-pound bag. That’s double last year’s cost.”

The author went on to recommend such money saving tips as car pooling, buying corn and other bait in bulk and loading your own cartridges.

This article’s definitely worth a read and it also corresponded very closely with another piece I just read in the recent North American Whitetail magazine, entitled “Make It Happen,” from the Antler Talk column. This article discussed the possibility that the number one threat to hunting across America could be the rising cost of our sport. Inflation has hit everything from gear, to hunting leases to licenses. The author essentially said that yes, the cost of hunting is rising, but so is everything else, so just deal with it. Examples of ways to deal with this inflation were to utilize public land and just to be plain innovative.

It really is unfortunate that so many of the costs associated with hunting are rising so quickly, but like both of these articles emphasized, we can find ways to make the best of the situation. Check out the article from the Dallas Morning News at DallasNews.com for some great tips and if you have any other money saving ideas, feel free to share them with the rest of the Wired To Hunt community.

Virginia Court Rules In Favor Of Urban Bowhunting

The recent comments from Bob Barker in relation to the supposed danger of hunting near residential areas really set me off the other day. But now a Virginia court has ruled in favor of hunter’s rights to be in these areas.  This ruling really sets an important precedent regarding the legitimacy and safety of allowing urban bow hunts. I’m particularly excited about this because I myself bow hunt hunt inside a semi-urban area and I’m glad that there is now a court ruling in favor of my right to do just that.  You can read the full story on this court ruling at The Rub Line.

As Fred Bear said, “If you are not working to protect hunting, then you are working to destroy it.”  With strong support from the hunting community, we can continue to protect our rights to hunt and ensure that we’ll be able to pass this great tradition on to the next generation.

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Whitetail Deer Hunting Tutorial For The Short Attention Span

I just stumbled across this clip of a Illinois bowhunt from Realtree Outdoors with Michael Waddell. As I watched, I noticed Michael utilize a wide range of different tactics, while also demonstrating several very important but simple steps you must take to bag a whitetail with a bow. I was really amazed by how much they fit into the two minute clip, so I thought it would be worth reviewing this video and keying in on the important things that you can learn from Michael and the Realtree Team. Take a look…

First thing you notice is that they set up a standing buck decoy. This can be a great tactic to use to draw a territorial rutting buck into shooting distance. One thing to consider when setting up a decoy is the distance you place it from your stand, and the direction you point it. You should always set up your decoy at about 15 yards from your stand to draw a buck into a manageable shooting distance, even if it is circling or standing off aways from the decoy. If you are using a buck decoy, face it in the direction you want the deer to come in from, as bucks will approach each other face to face. But if you are using a doe decoy, angle the decoys rear end in the direction you hope the buck will coming from. A bucks first point of business when checking out a doe is to give her a good sniff from behind and this will result in a good clean broadside or quartering away shot as the buck checks out your decoy.

 Next Michael uses a typical buck grunt, then a snort wheeze, followed by a short rattling sequence. All of these calling techniques can be useful to draw in a buck. Although they can be used succesfully independently, using them in a sequence makes this scenario seem even more realistic to a curious buck, as he hears all the tell tale sounds of another buck invading his territory.

As the buck comes into shooting range, notice that when Michael draws back on his bow he doesn’t need to arch his bow up or make any unneccesary movements. Many times hunters put too much emphasis on having a heavy draw weight on their bows, and this can result in making awakward and attention grabbing movements when pulling back, as well as hurting your chances of an accurate shot. It is much better to set your draw at a point where you can comfortably and smoothly pull back your bow and hold it. The key to a killing shot with a bow is much more about placement than power.

Last you’ll notice that when the buck starts to move away, Michael uses a short self-made mouth bleat to stop the buck in his tracks. This is a great tactic to stop a deer and provides you with a better shot opportunity, without scaring the deer. I actually used this same trick  to stop the buck I shot last fall at 20 yards from my stand.

Although there is obviously a tremendous amount more to understand when hunting the elusive whitetail deer, this short clip does a great job of highlighting a number of important key concepts and tricks to make you a more succesful deer hunter. Any other key learnings or tips that you pulled from this clip? Let us know.


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Get Your Deer Hunting Fix Online


If any of you are like me, you’re already counting down the days til deer season. Usually getting some target practice or scouting can hold me over during this late summer lull, but here I am in New York City with no way to get my outdoor fix and cabin fever is kicking in bad. Luckily, last fall I discovered MyOutdoorTV.com. This is a great website where you can watch dozens of great hunting and fishing shows streaming online. You can watch everything from North American Hunter to Fishing with Bill Dance. The video quality is great and the choices are endless. Last fall, while I was stuck on my college campus, I spent hours watching hunting videos to get geared up for the coming season. One of my favorites was “BuckEye Cam Fair Chase Encounters”. It’s an archery only, self-guided whitetail hunting show that is filmed primarily in Ohio and I found it to be one of the most educational and interesting shows I’ve seen yet. So if your dying to get outdoors, but don’t have the time or means, check out MyOutdoorTv.com to get your fix online.